"I believe that customer service is everything.


Value is at the top of my list and my mission has, and always will be, to provide the best to my clients.

I strive for continued excellence in every aspect of my businesses, and this is way many of my clients have also become good friends.

It's about trust, loyalty and doing the right thing, day in and day out."

And Brown  Founder - Great Circle

We've re-thought the traditional agency.


At Great Circle you'll find no swanky offices, no expensive account managers, and no huge overheads, passed on to you, the customer.

I've done the agency thing. I worked as an account manager in the posh offices and studios of Edinburgh, London and Jersey, and I watched as client fees swelled to fund the show and feed the expensive salaries. Good value for my clients, it was not.

I also watched as staff came and went, offering no continuity to our clients. From my perspective it was painful watching the agency trying to be jack of all trades with limited resources.

I believe there are 2 ways for a business to hold on to good employees:​

1) Give them some ownership of the business.

2) Have exceptional leadership qualities at the top of the business.

Both of these circumstances are rare these days. Things are lean, and there are very few real leaders out there who care about their people before the bottom line.

This is why I don't 'employ' anyone...


Instead, I've built up trusted, long term working relationships with contractors both here in Jersey and around the world.


Those who own their own businesses and who are the very best at what they do.


Those with the same values, work ethics and customer service levels that I have.

And here's why it works so well...

1) As business owners they are as keen and as hungry as I am. They know if they don't turn up for work, they don't get paid.

2) They are the best at what they do, and they only do that one thing. They are specialists in their field and are always ahead of their ever changing games.

3) Their fees are cost effective. No sick pay, no holiday pay, no social security. So you, the client, don't end up 'paying' for all of these extras.

My skills are in client relationship building, understanding my client's needs, and how to take a brief. I live and breathe branding, from which all of our other services are linked.

I'm the orchestrator of Great Circle, and my contractors are my power team. 


Lean, keen, mobile and highly effective, we have the expertise and experience to rival any 'traditional' agency.

We all love what we do, and that passion shines through in our work. And we must be doing something right as we've been in business for 15 very rewarding years.



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Registered in Jersey, Channel Islands No. 106878
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