Shiny objects will blind you into failure

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Shiny objects will blind you into failure and picture of diamonds. Blog post image by Andy Brown, Kajabi Expert

If your coaching business has stalled, try this 👇

Because we're masters of making things complicated, it’s easy to turn your offer into a mass of confusion.

You start with a great product, and when you don't sell 100 by the end of week one, you think:

“Well, that's not working. Let’s try this.”

Before you know it, your business looks like a Chinese Bazaar.


The Problem with Too Many Offers

If you’ve created loads of different offers, your ideal client will be confused.

They’ll think, “Jack of all trades, master of none. Not for me, thanks.”

What you've actually done is devalue yourself.


The Simple Solution

So if your coaching business has stalled, try this:

↳ One product
↳ One funnel
↳ One offer
↳ One upsell

Back to Basics

Go back to what you do best and strip away all the other fluff. Add nothing more until you’ve started making sales from your core offer.

The Path to Scale

Once you get that dialed in, it’s all about scale. Going back to basics will actually make your life easier and more lucrative.

Now that can't be a bad thing, can it?

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