Good design drives sales

Because design without strategy is just art.

Design should be evocative. It should resonate with the target audience.

This sounds obvious, right?


But so often I've seen designers go off on their own tangent and not thinking about the connection with the end user; the customer.


This is where design fails. It might look good, but if it doesn't have a connection on an emotional level, then it might as well be art.


A good designer will want to know the customer better than they know themselves.

We call this the 'Avatar' - the ultimate profile of your customer; who they are, where they are, what they think, their challenges and paint points, and so much more.

Only by understanding the Avatar can we create designs that connect, build trust and ultimately drive more sales.


After all, isn't this what we're ultimately striving for?


"Always pushing the boundaries, delivering innovative ways to promote our many brands with attention to detail and creative thinking, Andy gave us competitive edge over our nearest competitors." Richard Millington

What is your customer looking for?

The sign of a great graphic designer is one who sees the perspective of the end user; the customer.

Said designer will ask a LOT of questions before even heading to the 'drawing board'.

Because they understand that good design will drive business.


The creative in your brand and  marketing material must connect with how your customers feel. If the customer doesn't resonate with what they see, you're sunk.


Design needs strategy. It needs someone who understands what the end goal is; and for us that's getting you more business.

Integrated design.

Before undertaking any design work, we have to be absolutely clear on the company brand.

For example a logo is not the brand. This is where a lot of people get confused...

The logo is merely part of the brand identity, which in itself is a visual representation of the brand to the customer.

Every part of the design must flow together, it must be congruent.

If your design is fragmented, your customers will become confused and lose trust in your brand and your products.

It's all about the customer.

At the end of the day, everyone will have an opinion on a design, but how many of us really understand what a customer is looking for?

By keeping the end user in mind, and maintaining the integrity of our brand, we will create marketing material that can convert.

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