Is your sales funnel drying up?

Online business development is changing fast. What worked last year, no longer works today.

The game has well and truly changed...

Sales funnels of old are drying up as we enter a new way of reaching cold traffic and qualifying them as an ideal customer. Doors are closing as people have more control over which media they are served.

And that’s a big problem for companies still relying on outdated marketing strategies.

Ambiguous marketing can cost your company more than you can imagine.

If you’re spending money to acquire leads, you better be sure your message is on point and that you’re presenting it to the right audience.

Otherwise your conversions go down, your ad spend goes up and your prospective client goes somewhere else. And you’ve just paid for that.

As a business owner or sales person, that dripping away of your marketing budget is not going to help you sleep at night.

And now the good news


There’s an increasing market share out there for companies who tap in to new strategies.

Meet them where they are and kill them with value.

Not literally of course...

In today's online marketing, you have to meet your customer where they are.

Whether it's LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok or Twitter, you need to know them better than they know themselves so you can find them online.

You also need to know the exact language your ideal client uses to describe their problem.

Only then can you craft the clearest message and attract a cold audience into your sales funnel.

At this point a good brand will build trust by overdelivering on value with free content.

As you demonstrate empathy and prove your expertise, you can invite them to your lead magnet where you can now qualify them as a genuine lead.

How we can help


Instead of wasting more money on strategies that aren’t working, invest in a marketing audit where we’ll take a look at your entire sales funnel from start to finish and let you know where the leaks are.

In your audit we’ll look at the entire customer journey from cold traffic to sales call with your team:

  • Marketing message to a cold audience
  • Message structure and clarity
  • Calls to action (CTA’s)
  • Landing pages
  • Lead magnets
  • Congruency of the sales funnel
  • Message relevance to your product
  • Initial qualification process of the lead
  • Clarity of the offer

You’ll end up with a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations on actions to take to fix and future proof your sales funnel.

From there you can either choose to implement the changes internally or engage us to help.

To find out more, please book a free discovery call with our founder and marketing expert Andy.

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