• Andy Brown

The day I placed a full page advert in the wrong paper…

“Andy, a word in my office now please”

This from the boss who didn’t sound happy at all.

Blimey, in the mucky stuff already and I’d only been in the job for 3 weeks…

“Why have you placed a full page advert for Skoda in the Guernsey Press? We don’t sell Skodas in Guernsey”.

Ah, now this was a bit of a problem…

Having taken the job as marketing manager for 23 different vehicle brands, I knew I’d have my work cut out, but this was fairly monumental in the scheme of mistakes.

You know that draining feeling you get when you’ve done something and there’s no way to undo it? No ctl-alt-del to hit on this one.

Not only had I put the full page ad in the wrong paper, I’d also heavily discounted the entire ex-demo fleet!

The ACTUAL Skoda dealer in Guernsey had gone postal when he’d opened that night’s paper. I’m not surprised…

Of course I can laugh about it now, but at the time it felt like my world had ended.

This was my dream marketing job and I’d stuffed it up inside of a month.

But like everything, it got sorted out.

I actually had to fly over to Guernsey and apologise in person to the Skoda dealer, who to be fair, had now seen the funny side as he’d had some great enquiries on his ex-demo range.

Every silver lining and all that…

These things happen and all we can do is learn from them, which I did.

That was one of my last jobs before I setup my own business, and it stood me in good stead dealing with such a wide range of brands…

From Nissan to Jaguar to Bentley, I learned so much about what makes a consumer tick and how important customer service is.

These are learnings I’ve taken forward and been the cornerstones of Great Circle. And thankfully, I haven’t placed an advert wrong since 😉

Live and learn, but never stop marketing…

= Post by Andy Brown

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