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Why a rebrand is good for business

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Practice what you preach they say, and I like that.

Except I haven’t been . . .

Whilst spending a lot of time advising people on their brand and their business, I’d been neglecting my very first business Great Circle.

Now it’s fine having several businesses - as long as you can manage them all at once.

But I shouldn’t have left ‘old faithful’ in the corner feeling neglected and un-loved.

The paint was chipped and the customer pipeline was drying up.

You see Great Circle was were it all started for me over 17 years ago...

The odd name I chose (ask me about that over a coffee), working on one single client account at night from a desk on the landing, to where it's grown to now, GC has been very good to me.

Yes we’ve had our ups and downs - doesn’t any business? But looking back, it’s been the best experience ever.

So it was time to breathe new life in to the old girl . . . to practice what I preach.

And so . . .

• The rebrand is done.

• Brand guidelines in place.

• The new web site is live.

• The awesome double sided business cards printed.

• The new Facebook page up and running - and here’s the thing with that . . .

I decided to start from scratch with my Social Media and give my audience content that is up to date and worth following.

This is scary because when you land on my Great Circle Brand & Marketing Facebook page just now, I hardly have any likes and that doesn’t look good to new clients.

But the restart was intentional . . . sometimes you have to break something to make it better.

I want to start over and demonstrate how to build an audience who want to come along on a journey of engaging content and business building.

I want to create a community of like minded people where we can share, encourage and inspire each other in our businesses and in our lives.

So I hope you like the new Great Circle, and I’d love you to join us on what is going to be a fantastic journey.

More importantly I hope I can inspire you and help you create more business for your business.

I’m here for you, so please reach out on Facebook email, phone or however you want, and let’s build something worth shouting about, yes?.

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