Testimonials from clients.

They say the nicest things...

He came and profiled our business and tailored a marketing campaign to “perfect fit”.

And how do we know this? The results!

In our first month of opening, we blew our goals of banking out of the water.


Not just a little bit but 400% greater than expected!

Dr Linda Blythe

Andy understands Brand in its true meaning. 


Before undertaking any creative, he ensures that he fully understands the business, its people, and it’s customer avatar.


Only then does he create a strategy that makes best use of the relevant channels - ultimately driving more traffic to the business.


And isn’t that what everyone wants?


His understanding of social media for business is unique as he knows where to find a target audience and the messages which they want to see. 


Undertaking his LinkedIn strategy allowed us to create a larger, more engaged online network.

Kelly Williamson

Andy consistently pushed the boundaries, delivering innovative ways to promote our many brands with attention to detail and creative thinking.
Richard Millington

It was a pleasure working with Andy as our marketing manager as you could give him anything to promote and it simply got done.


While our competitors were using the same old advertising channels, Andy always thought outside the box to get a better result.


He also continued as our outsourced marketing department when he set up his own business.

Ashley Dee

Andy is a brand and marketing man through and through. 


We worked together when he was Marketing Manager at a car dealership where he managed no less than 23 different brands across 4 sites!


From Skoda through to Bentley, he somehow managed to promote every brand within each manufacturer’s guidelines.


He’s taken those skills on to run his own branding and marketing company with equal success.


And all this with positivity and good humour every time you meet him - a real brand ambassador.

Jeremy Evans

Andy has helped us enormously with both our brand identity and our marketing strategies.


As busy as he is, he always seems to keep ahead of the latest online social media trends and platforms.
Richard Lang


I love getting to meet people and hearing about their business.
If you'd like any help or advice on your brand and marketing, please get in touch.
It would be great to meet you and hear all about you and your business.

Email: andy@great-circle.co.uk

Tel: 07797 754599

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