Results driven advertising

Total Campaign Cost: £35.28

Cost per Result: £0.02

If you're running your own Facebook Ads, you MUST understand your objectives and how to set them up.

Otherwise you'll burn up your budget with zero results faster than you can say 'Boost'

Facebook Ads Manager is a complex system, but used properly can give you incredible results from your advertising spend.

My Advice: If you don't know how to properly setup and run Facebook Ads, outsource it to someone who does.

Stop Boosting your Facebook posts!

Mr Zuckerberg is a hungry man and he's not daft either.

His team of developers continually strive to extract more money from you with attractive ways in which to blow your marketing budget.

You know the ones, things like the ever present 'Promote' or 'Boost Post' buttons...

How often have you boosted a post and wondered if it actually worked?

If you don't know what's going on behind the scenes when you hit the button and give it some dollars, then you might as well be playing roulette with your budget.

What does your funnel look like?

Facebook ads are only the front of your sales funnel, just one piece of the marketing pipeline to turn a cold audience into paying customers.

Effective online strategy is about being clear on what you want to achieve (metrics), your budget and continuously testing, measuring and iterating.

Only then, will you win the online advertising game with the budget you have.

Our strategies take into account your goals, resources and budget. We create effective campaigns that will give you the competitive advantage and best ROI.

Be under no illusion, Facebook Ads DO work, but only when they're run properly.

We've run highly engaged and effective campaigns with only $2 a day budget. But that's only because we know what we're doing.

NEVER will you see us hit the 'Boost Post' button on campaigns - as attractive as it may seem, step away - there's nothing to see here...

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