F1 World Champion
Nigel Mansell

If you grew up the 80's and 90's and you're a bit of a petrol head, chances are you've heard of Nigel Mansell.

His vision was to create a car dealership combined with a 'museum' of his trophies, racing cars and lifetime achievements.

We were initially approached to create a logo for 'Mansell Motors' - a name which had been chosen internally. But from a brand perspective, that didn't fit at all, so it was literally back to the drawing board to create a world class brand fit for a champion.


A brand is not just a logo, it's every experience a customer has of a business.


Therefore the Mansell brand identity had to reflect the heart of the business whilst respecting the heritage of the art-deco building.

Another challenge was to create a look and feel that represented absolute quality but also affordability.

The Mansell Collection Pre-Branding.jpeg
The Mansell Collection Branding Signage



We literally started from a blank canvas. This was a new business, the premises were almost derelict to begin with and only thing we had to work with was the name Mansell.

The building is art deco, so the brand identity had to be contemporary, whilst respecting the heritage of the location.

The brand itself began as luxury and aspirational. However this evolved over time as the business took on the Mitsubishi and Hyundai franchise.

The name "Mansell Motors" didn't reflect the brand, so taking into account the various facets of Nigel's business empire, we created the name "The Mansell Collection".


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