How to HALF your Facebook Ad spend

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A/B Split Testing - doesn’t that sound dull?

I’ll be honest, it’s not exactly a scroll stopper. But…

If you’re running paid adverts in your business, you need to hear this because it might just help you save a ton of money.

We ran the 2 adverts below.
The ONLY difference between them is the image.

But look at the cost per result:

  • Ad on the left: £0.94 per result
  • Ad on the right: £0.54 per result

That’s almost HALF and we actually had more clicks on the cheaper one.

Now 40p might not sound like a big deal. But multiply that by 1000 clicks and you’re saving £400.

Multiply it by 10,000 clicks and you’ve just saved £4,000 - that's a nice little holiday somewhere!

Here’s the thing. What we’ll do next is take the winning ad and Split Test it by changing something else (maybe the text at the top).

We keep doing this until we can’t get the cost per result down any further.

I’m not sure about you, but saving money as a business owner always gets me excited.

So if you’re running paid adverts, make sure you’re A/B Split Testing them every time.

Or if you need help reducing your ad spend and getting better results, drop me a line and we can have a chat 😊


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