How to Find 2 Extra Months a Year to Build Your Business

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Be honest with me here...

How much time do you spend each day on non-productive social media or watching TV?

If it's more than 60 minutes, then I have some very good news for you.

Cut out just one hour of TV or Social every day, 
and those 365 hours would add up to: Nine 40-hour workweeks a year, 
or two extra months of productive time.

2 extra months a year! Am I good to you or what?

The question is; what do you do with that extra time? How do you make it effective?

Here are my Top 3 tips:

  1. Discover your Core Genius
    First of all you need to find the thing that you're really good at, the thing that people will pay you for.

    Each and everyone of us has a Core Genius, it's what we're either naturally good at or what we've been trained to do.

    For example, my Core Genius is Coaching and Mentoring people to build their online business. This is what I get paid to do. If I wasn't any good at it, nobody would pay me or I'd be up for a lot of refunds.

    So before you do anything else, you need to work hard at discovering what it is that people need from you.

  2. Triple down on what you do best
    Once you discover that Core Genius, this is where you need to spend most of your extra 1 hour per day.

    What you shouldn't be doing is faffing around with things that you're not good at. Maybe that's building web sites or trying to work out what a Sales Funnel is. These are the time sucking tasks that are going to hold you back.

    Part of my Core Genius is creating content as part of my Coaching and Mentoring. So that's where I allocate the majority of my time.

    Wave a spreadsheet under my nose and you'll watch my eyes glaze over and my will to live drain out of me like a leaking bucket. Numbers ain't my thing so I don't spend time on them, I have someone else take care of that...

  3. Outsource the rest
    Part of those extra 2 months you've just got back should be spent looking for top class service providers who can take all those low value tasks from you - the ones that you're not good at.

    Now, I've kissed a LOT of frogs when it comes to outsourcing parts of my biz, and the temptation is to hang on to it all and do it yourself "because nobody can do it as well as me" - sound familiar?

    But that's not going to cut the mustard if you're serious about getting your business off the ground. Because quite simply, there's only one of you and only 24 hours in a day, and 24 into 1 doesn't go if you're trying to do everything.

    So work hard at finding trusted service providers who can take on those tasks whilst you get on with doing what you do best.

Like any good plan, the key to it is keeping it simple.

Don't get bogged down in the weeds and don't overthink it, otherwise you'll end up in a world of procrastination and find you're in the same place this time next year.

You also have to be disciplined. It's too easy to have a quick check of Facebook or Insta, or catch the next part in that Netflix series. Those little snippets here and there all compound to rob you of super valuable time.

Think about this, if you put the hard yards in now and make use of those 9 extra working weeks, you could have a thriving online business up and running before you know it.

Finally, if you're an iPhone user like me (sorry I don't know if Android has something similar), you can use Screen Time to restrict access to certain apps so that you don't get caught up in time sucking social media.

Just a thought...


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