How to Make an Extra $73,000 a Year as a Coach

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Andy Brown, Kajabi Expert and Jules Le Cornu standing by a river in Spain

And it’s much easier than you think…


Here’s how…

Yesterday, Jules and I brainstormed about new products we could sell.

We reviewed our previous content and training archive and found over 10 valuable courses we can package and sell.

If you're a coach, you likely have a lot of expertise that you can use to do the same.


Here’s the thing…

They don't have to be all singing and dancing videos.

As long as you deliver a solution that is easy to understand and implement, your ideal client will pay for it.

You can get creative with them.

You can sell them individually or package them into bundles.

They can be PDFs, eBooks, Podcast episodes, it’s about getting creative.

So, how do you sell them if you don't already have a product like Kajabi?

Use a product like Gumroad, which is perfect for getting started.

This weekend, take some time out to look at what you have previously delivered and how you can package it into a product.

Here’s the gold…


Let's say you have just one product that you sell for $10

Sell only 4 of them a day, and it's an extra annual revenue of $14,600

Now multiply that by 5 - you do the maths💰

You've worked bloody hard to earn your experience that someone else is now willing to pay for.

Get on it, my friend!


I’m Andy, (aka The Kajabi Guy)

I help coaches and training companies build, grow and scale their businesses through the power of Kajabi.

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