How to Turn a Broken Business into New

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A kintsugi bowl in blue and gold

I spoke to a coach who’s ready to walk away from their business.

After 3 years of blood, sweat and tears, they told me Kajabi doesn’t work.

I asked them, “Have you never made any sales?”

“Yes, I sold out my first course when I started.”


“So what changed?”

“Nothing, people just didn’t want it any more.”

Let’s cut to the chase.

Instead of listening to feedback from their first clients and making product 1 even better, they changed tack.

They created a new product that didn’t make any sense.

And that’s where it all went sideways.

Their audience was confused.

“I thought you were X, but now you tell me you’re Y?”

And off they toddled to find someone else with a clearer offer.

Here’s the tragedy.

If they’d listened to their audience and improved that first course each time, imagine where they’d be now.

I painfully estimate they’d have a 7-figure business.

Kajabi does work, some of the biggest coaches in the world use it, and for good reason.

The coach’s business is broken, but that’s okay; they don’t need to walk away.

The Japanese art of ‘kintsugi’ turns brokenness into something beautiful and new.

And that’s what we’ll do with this business.

We’ll strip away all the added fragments and restore the original version.

And this time, we won’t mess around with it; we’ll just make it better.

Systems are only as good as the user. Kajabi is no different.

So if you feel like you’re getting nowhere, it might be time to take a step back and see what’s really broken.

Often you’ll find, with the right help, it’s more than fixable.

And remember, it’s okay to show the cracks as long as we don’t throw anything away.

I’m Andy, (aka The Kajabi Guy)

I help coaches and training companies build, grow and scale their businesses through the power of Kajabi.

If you want help streamlining, systemising, and scaling your coaching business, drop me a line or book a call.

👉🏼 Because you didn’t start your Coaching Business to buy yourself another job.



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