Standing Firm on Your Worth: A Coaches Dilemma

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Coaches often find themselves in a tricky spot when it comes to pricing their services.

It's like this: you quote $1000 per project, but then you add, "Let me know if that's too much, and I'll adjust." Sound familiar?

Here's the thing: by doing this, you're unintentionally assuming your client's financial constraints before even understanding their situation.

It's a bit presumptuous, isn't it? And honestly, it's not fair to you or them.

Your client's budget is their business, just as your pricing is yours. If they're upfront about their budget, sure, have that conversation. But until then, quote your price with confidence.

I get it, though. The fear of losing a client over a few dollars is real, especially during tight months.

You think, "What if they had just $995? Am I losing business over five dollars?" So, you're tempted to soften your pitch next time, offering to drop the price if needed.

But here's the catch: the next client, ready to pay your full rate, might back off seeing your willingness to lower the price so quickly. It sends mixed signals about the value of your work.

Are you a premium service provider or a bargain bin deal?

And let's not forget about those who won't even consider you because they're looking for someone at a higher price point, equating cost with quality.

The bottom line? Set your rate and stand by it.

If a client wants to negotiate, cross that bridge when you get to it. Your skills and expertise are worth it, and the right clients will see that.

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