5 Ways to Avoiding Getting Burned by a Rogue Consultant

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Woman running away from a burning building with a handful of dollars. Blog image for a post by Andy Brown, Kajabi Expert

Karen took our money, did half the work, and legged it into the mountains with her lover as we tried to put out the ensuing fire.

True story.

To be fair, I thought we'd done our due diligence, but as we were desperate to 'go live' - my bias confirmation told me that 'KK' was our girl.

Wrong. In so many ways.

I should have practiced what I preached:

In the world of business, every hiring decision is critical. 

The urgency to fill a position often leads to rushed decisions, resulting in hires that, instead of alleviating workload and streamlining processes, add layers of chaos, confusion and inefficiency.

Here are five strategies to ensure you make the right hiring choice for your business.

Look Beyond the Deceptive Charm of a Polished Resume

A candidate's resume might shine, but it's crucial to delve deeper. Look for tangible evidence of problem-solving skills and the ability to simplify complex processes. A consultant who can't clearly articulate their methods or past successes might be a red flag.

Prioritise Cultural Alignment with Your Business

The right consultant should seamlessly integrate with your team's culture and values. Misalignment here can lead to friction and more chaos. During the interview process, assess their understanding and adaptability to your business ethos.

Demand Clarity in Communication

Effective communication is non-negotiable. A consultant who speaks in jargon or can't provide clear, concise plans may complicate matters rather than simplify them. Look for someone who can break down complex ideas into understandable strategies.

The Power of Reliable References

Don't skip the reference check. Previous clients can provide insights into the consultant's working style, effectiveness, and ability to deliver results without adding unnecessary layers to the process.

Trust Your Instincts

If something feels off during the interview process, don't ignore it. Trusting your gut can save you from a costly mistake. A consultant who seems overeager to agree or overly critical without understanding your business might not be the right fit.

Red Flags in the Hiring Process

Be wary of consultants who overpromise or are vague about their past achievements. A lack of specific examples or an inability to articulate their approach to problem-solving are significant warning signs. Additionally, watch out for those who don't ask questions about your business – it shows a lack of genuine engagement and understanding.


An empty seat is better than filling it with the wrong person.

Taking the time to thoroughly vet candidates, especially consultants, can prevent adding more confusion to your business operations.

If you're clear from the outset, you can make a hire that not only meets your immediate needs but also contributes positively to your business's long-term success.


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