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When unique and destabilising events like COVID come along it can be tricky to be actively selling or direct marketing. But we have to continually keep our existing customers ‘warm’ and continue to build trust and awareness of our brand. 

Here are 13 ways to keep your business front of mind with your audience:

1) Email Your Database
Setup regular email broadcasts to your list (at least once per week).

Create huge value with your email content and get it out on a regular basis to your contacts.

Offer any help where you can and add plenty of value - without selling anything. 

2) Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign
Use Facebook’s cheapest advertising option to continually get your brand out to your audience.

Ensure you have your Facebook Pixel installed and firing on your web site.

Then instead of using direct marketing (calls to action to buy your product), setup value driven campaigns in order to drive people to your web site.

Once they land on your site, they’ll be ‘pixelled’ and ready for retargeting within 180 days.

This is a great way to build your audience without actually selling to them.

Plus, they may still land on your site and buy from you just now - win win!

3) Build Your List With a Lead Magnet
Create a massively valuable give away (PDF or eBook for example) and use it as a lead magnet to capture email addresses.

As business owners, we should be continually building our email list, but when we’re busy, we tend to forget.

Now is the perfect time to start building your list for use when we’re out the other side.

Typical lead magnets are something that will give your audience a ‘quick win’ - for example: 10 Tips to do X

You’ll need a landing page and email CRM in order to capture the emails and distribute the free giveaway.

Once in place, you can use a Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign to drive people to your landing page.

4) Facebook Lives
Structure your Facebook Live broadcasts to give value and help to your audience.

A typical structure for a Facebook Live would be:

  1. Hook (catchy subject to raise interest)

  2. Story (tell a story which will resonate)

  3. Learning (what was the moral of the story)

  4. Call to Action (download my free guide)

  5. Recap (tell them what you’ve just told them)

Facebook loves Lives! The more of them you can do (which get engagement), the more Facebook will show to your audience.

5) 1-2-1 Coaching and Advice
Offer your customers free coaching and advice where you can.

This is a chance to find out what their biggest problems and frustrations are right now, which you can then solve and then market back to them in the future.

By adding value, you’ll also demonstrate your expertise in your field. This will pay dividends in the future.

6) Setup a Facebook Group
You can setup a Facebook Group for your existing and future clients.

This will help those with a common interest (you and your business) come together in a place where you can add value every day. 

Once we are back in the sales cycle, you can drop Calls to Action in the Group.

7) Create a Challenge for Your Clients
Think about a Challenge you can create which will help unite your audience.

This could be held in a Facebook Group (see above) or maybe a private WhatsApp Group.

If you structure it well, this will give you an insight in to some of the challenges your audience face (and identify where you can help).

8) Private Message All Your Clients
There’s nothing better than getting a personal message from someone.

Instead of just a plain old text message, why not use the Voice option in Messenger for example, this will take it to a whole new level and show that you’ve taken time out to think of that person.

9) Support Your Client’s Social Media
You can go a long way to support your client’s own Social Media activity.
If you have a Facebook Business Page, you can like their page as yours, and then share to other pages on their behalf.

Like, Comment and Share where you can in order to spread the good work on behalf of your client, and chances are, they’ll do the same for you.


10) Build Your LinkedIn Profile
Too many of us business people neglect our own LinkedIn Profile

Use this time to get your own profile complete, then start sharing valuable content in your posts.

Like, comment and share other people’s posts too. The more you engage, the more your own content will be shown to your audience.


11) Interview Your Clients
Where relevant, invite your clients on to a live call or webinar in order to promote their business.

To invite guests on to a Facebook Live, you’ll need a facility such as streamyard.com - a fantastic little plugin for Chrome where you can personalise your broadcast with your own branding.

12) Share Stories About Your Business Journey
Create some interesting posts about your own journey and share them across your channels.

 This will give your audience an insight into who you are, your expertise, and how you can help them - all in a non-salesy way!

13) Write a Mini Book
Been thinking about writing that book?

Why not get started with a cut down version which you can publish electronically.
Or if you’ve already written blog posts, why not collate them into one volume which you can share (either as a lead magnet or not).

 If you utilise one of these tips each week, that’s 3 months of content for your audience.

 What you can’t afford to do is drop off your customer’s radar. You need to be front of mind with them whilst we get though this, and now is the prefect time to show how much you value and care for them.

If I can help with any of these points, please just let me know.


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