Thanks for dropping by - I'm Andy Brown, founder of Great Circle Media, and I'm just loving life . . .


I mean what's not to like? I run my own business, I have great clients, and I get paid to do what I do.

I've been in the creative industry for more than 25 years, working on brands and helping clients grow their business.

Through England, Scotland, France and Australia, I've met and worked with some amazing people. And that's what I loved the most - the people. 

That's why back in 2006 I quit my job and setup Great Circle Media. I was tired of working for agencies who cared about nothing more than the bottom line. It just didn't sit with my values.

Since then I've been privileged to work with incredible people on fantastic projects, Many of my clients have become great friends, and that's what it's all about - people dealing with people.

My mission remains the same for Great Circle - to offer 5-Star customer service, delivering world class brands and business changing strategies.

I also own and run 2 other companies - a property investment business and an online retail shop.

All work and no play . . . absolutely not!


I do love my work, but I absolutely LOVE my play time!

When I'm not in the office, I'm more than likely flying around in my beloved Cherokee Six. 

Flying has been in my blood since very little and I dabbled with the commercial route for a while. Not for me though as it was too regimented so I moved back to flying for fun.

Cycling, diving, surfing and motor racing are up next. I do like my cars - mid-life crisis? Probably.

But most importantly again, people. I love spending time with people and finding out what drives them.

If we haven't met already, I'd love to buy you a coffee and hear all about you and your business.

Just drop me a line at andy@great-circle.co.uk and let's get together.

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