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We all need to be doing our marketing, yet most of us aren’t (that includes me recently).

So I’ve come up with a powerful tip to help hit our minimum marketing requirements - My 20/40/60 Minimum Marketing Rule

Ideally we need to be marketing every day. Tough ask I know, but to break through the overwhelming noise, we have to be out there consistently with our messages, so . . .

20 (a day):
Book out 20 minutes each day to work on your marketing. The activity can be anything as small as:

  • Working on your profile

  • Following at least one more person or group on LinkedIn or Facebook (who fits your avatar)

  • Liking, Commenting and Sharing at least one post from someone (who fits your avatar)

  • Writing and posting a short article or blog on your social channels (as little as 3 paragraphs is fine)

40 (a week):
On top of your 20 a Day, book out another 40 minutes one day each the week.

This can be any day you like including Saturday and Sunday, but keep it consistent.  

We’re building authority now, so it’s time to publish our own content:

  • Blog post

  • VLOG

  • Podcast

  • LinkedIn Article (for your business page, which you can then share via your profile page)

60 (a month):
One day each month, lock out an additional 60 minutes to work on something bigger:

  • Updating your Web Site

  • Updating your Social Media profiles (text, header images, profile images)

  • Batch authoring content for the week ahead

  • Writing another chapter of our book

  • Planning your 20/40/60 content for the month ahead.

My 20/40/60 Minimum Marketing Rule is all about getting into the habit of being seen and heard consistently. 

We build trust and authority by posting valuable content on a regular basis. No matter how small it is, it keeps us in front of our audience as well as those social media algorithms. 

Don’t get overwhelmed by this, you don’t have to be writing War and Peace each time.

Remember what good old Gary Vee says “Document, don’t create” - in other words keep a journal or note book of everything you see or come across during your day which you can then turn into content.

Put the 20/40/60 sessions in your diary as appointments and treat them as such. That way you won’t forget or be tempted to skip them.



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