3 Reasons Why Your Web Site Isn’t Working

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“We just spent $8,000 on our new site, here let me show you…”
My heart sank as the guy next to me tried to get his not-so-mobile-optimised site to load on his iPhone.
“It’s usually a bit quicker than this, it must be the network” - probably not.
Nor was it the network’s fault that the site didn’t read well, had no Facebook pixel installed, no privacy policy or basic Google friendly structure, and most importantly; no call to action.
You can be sold the best looking, most expensive web site in the world, but if the basics aren’t in place, it’s not going to work for you.
Because your web site is only one piece of the cold traffic to hot prospect jigsaw.
Cold traffic (people who’ve never heard about you or your services before) very rarely buy the first time they land on a web site, unless your Jeff Bezos...
Sorry, it’s just the way it is.
Even if your agency or web designer tells you they’ll build you the best looking site ever, if it doesn’t fit into your sales funnel, then you might as well not have one.
Here are 3 top reasons your web site might not be working for you:
1) No/Low Traffic
Traffic is everything in the online space. If you don’t have traffic, you don’t have customers.
Do you know how much traffic your web site is receiving and where that traffic is coming from?
More importantly, what’s happening to that traffic once it arrives at your site?
These are crucial things to know if you’re spending dollars on your web site and advertising.
Audience segmentation is crucial these days, so if your spending money on adverts to drive traffic to your site, you’d better make sure it’s the right people.
2) Your Story Doesn’t Land
If the copy on your web site doesn’t speak directly and immediately to your audience, then they’ll be gone in seconds.
People buy from businesses who have the clearest message. You can have the best product or service in your niche, but if your message isn’t clear, people will not hang around to find out more.
Before you even look at building a new web site, you must ensure that your story (the text that goes on your site) is clear, written in a language your audience understands, immediately addresses their problem, and includes a direct and transitional call to action.
There is a proven framework for creating copy that converts, let me know if you’d like it.
3) No Call to Action
I see this time and time again; no call to action on a web site.
Asking someone to work something out requires energy. And as human beings, we are designed to conserve energy.
So if you don’t have a clear instruction on your web site of what that person should do next, they’ll wander off and do something else.
Think of it as someone walking in to your shop and you completely ignoring them. What do you think is going to happen?
Make sure you have direct and transitional calls to action on your web pages.
The barrier to designing a half decent looking web site has never been lower
And that’s the bad news...
Because pretty much anyone can use a template to put something nice together and charge someone for the process.
The problem with that is if they’re not marketeers, they won’t understand all the pieces of the jigsaw that turns cold traffic into paying customers.
You site might look nice, but it could be the loneliest place on the web, and that doesn’t pay the bills.
👉 Get in touch to find out about the highly converting web sites we create for our clients (that's what is known as a Direct Call to Action 😉)

Post by Andy Brown
If you're thinking about a new web site, then please drop me a line first so I can help you avoid the pitfalls of an expensive, non-converting sales funnel.

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