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Right in front of my client, there I was stripped down to my shorts, standing on one leg and sweating like a furnace worker.
I'd never done yoga before. Truth be known, I'd never considered it. So when I was engaged to help with the launch of a new wellness business in Australia, all that changed.
I have a saying that goes like this; “Never sell anything that you haven’t bought yourself.” 
What I mean by that is; in order to fully understand the customer experience you have to go on that journey yourself.
And so it was, my first time in the hot room, falling out of Bikram poses as my client almost managed to keep a straight face.
It wasn’t pretty, but it did the job.
By getting a bit hot a sweaty, I understood the experience, the journey and the outcome of their ideal customer.
Successful messaging is about connecting with your audience on a human level. It’s about understanding them and speaking their language. It’s meeting them where they are.
That’s how we created a brand and marketing campaign for Bonfire that exceeded launch revenue targets by over 400%
Brand and marketing is a blend of art and science and when you get it right everything flows in perfect harmony.
See you in the hot room, yes?

Post by Andy Brown
If you’d like to know more about attracting your ideal client through your marketing, please contact the hot and sweaty fella called Andy 🌞 [email protected] 

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