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Mr Zuckerberg ain't daft, no surprise really considering he's in the Top 10 of the richest people in the world.*
He's quite happy for you to use his social media platform for free because he makes his money on paid advertising. And there's a LOT of paid Facebook ads going on...
In 2020, Disney spent over $213m** on Facebook ads. Now that's a lot of Mickey...
But many of us mere mortals in the business world are also collectively spending a lot of money on Facebook, much of it I would wager going up in smoke.
The reason? People don't know how to create an effective Facebook ad campaign.
To the uninitiated, Facebook Ads Manager can look like the inside of a NASA lunar module. And because of that, too many people take the easy option of 'Boosting' their posts.
$30 here, $30 there doesn't seem like a lot to lose, and that's how a lot of businesses are running their Facebook ad campaigns, which is just mind blowing!
Unless you really know what you're doing, when you boost a Facebook post, you have no idea of the objectives the platform has chosen for you.
For example, if the objective of your ad is to get more people to land on your shop product page, there's no point boosting a post which is being optimised for Lead Generation...
You need to know which objective to choose or else your ad spend is simply going up in smoke!
Does this all sound double-dutch? It's kind of the point.
Because as a savvy marketer and businessman, I don't want you wasting your time and money on strategies that don't work.
So what's to be done? Well, you have 2 options;
  1. Learn how to use Facebook Ads Manager properly and setup your campaigns with the right objectives, continually optimising your ads as you measure the results;
  2. Employ a marketing agency who know what they're doing with Facebook ads. And I mean REALLY know what they're doing, because there are a lot of cowboys out there who will also take your money and run.
Facebook ads are like any other ads; you need to fully understand what you want from them and how much you can afford to spend.
Only then can you create a campaign that is going to make your ad spend an investment rather than an expense.

Post by Andy Brown
If you need help with your Facebook advertising, then please get in touch. I'll be more than happy to take a look at your current strategy and let you know when you can improve your ad performance and reduce your spend.
*Source: Investopedia
**Source: Statista

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