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How we turn marketing on its head... 

Stripped down to my shorts, standing on one leg and dying a thousand deaths in a room heated to 40 degrees; this was not my standard market research exercise!

I'd never done yoga before. Truth be known, I'd never considered it. So when I was approached to help with the branding and marketing of a new wellness initiative in Australia, all that was about to change.

In order to understand what a customer really wants, you have to go on that journey. And as I was going to be creating a marketing campaign based on transformation, that's what I had to experience.

By doing so, I understood the journey, the destination and how that would make someone feel (once they'd gotten over the 40 degree bit)...

And that's how we created a brand and marketing campaign that exceeded launch revenue expectations by over 400%

Marketing is about connecting with your audience on a human level. Understanding them and speaking their language.

We have proven methods in which to do this and turn a cold audience into red hot fans waiting to buy your products or services.


"Andy profiled our business and tailored a marketing campaign to “perfect fit”. ​And how do we know this? The results! In our first month of opening, we blew our goals of banking out of the water. Not just a little bit but 400% greater than expected!"
Dr Linda Blythe

People don't buy what you sell, they buy the way it makes them feel.

When you think about it, people don't just buy 'things' - they make a purchase to affect their lives:

  • To solve a problem

  • To have an experience

  • To have a transformation

What does your product or service do?

If you can understand which of those three that your product addresses, you can then create a marketing campaign which will have an emotional connection with your customers.

This is how you win the game. Because people don't buy what you sell, they buy the way it makes them feel. It's really that simple.

Marketing strategy; listen first.

The key is to listen to what customers need, create a solution, experience or transformation, and then market back to them using the same language they use and understand.

This is how customers are persuaded to choose our products over our competitors, and this is how we gain the marketing advantage.

All the information we need is out there, we just need to listen to our audience and they'll tell us what they need.

Yes, marketing channels change as time evolves, but the principles remain the same.

Let's talk about getting you more business. 

If you're still confused about your marketing or you just seem to burn up your advertising dollars with little or no return, then let's talk.

Marketing should be an investment and not an expense and we know how to get you the best ROI from your budget.

It doesn't matter what size business you are, even if you're just starting out, we can create a marketing strategy to help take you to the next level.

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